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  • Road Buddies

    Real road signs and a traffic light for hours of out-door play!  Teach kids the rules of the road and which signs mean what!

  • Wow Cup


    Quality, reliability, creativity, & innovation define a break-through product that is made to truly change your lifestyle. Combining these inherent features with a state-of-the-art membrane technology, Wow Gear® has developed a new Spill Free drinkware line called Wow Cup® with a PATENTED 360-degree flexible drinking edge that automatically seals itself after drinking.

    Drink through gentle sucking without the need to press buttons, move levers, or sip on straws and spouts. The 360° EVEN-SEAL™ drinking edge allows you to just pick up the cup and drink anywhere along the rim. After drinking, the valve automatically seals itself until you take another drink. The Wow Cup® is spill free, worry free and hassle free! And without the messy spills. We’ve taken the extra steps out of the process so all you do is grab and drink anywhere along the rim.

  • Soap Sox


    SoapSox allows you to add your favorite soap, water, and scrub. Your child will be entertained by the characters vibrant colors, textures, and functionality, while also getting clean. So get your SoapSox and share your story. SoapSox, who knew getting clean could be so fun!

    Created by dads, approved by moms and adored by kids!!!

  • Baby Dam

    Turns a standard Bath-Tub into a Toddler / Child's Bath!

    With the BabyDam® bathtub divider, you can quickly & easily section off a smaller space in your bathtub, creating a safer, more comfortable bathing space for your child. Saves precious water, saves energy, saves time, saves space, saves money!